Setflow Open Studio

Setflow Open Studio


In today's fiercely competitive landscape of creativity and innovation, there arises a crucial demand for a pioneering platform that not only identifies and nurtures emerging creative talent but also seamlessly connects them with promising opportunities in the professional realm. Enter Setflow – a potent software meticulously crafted to unleash the latent potential of budding creatives while streamlining their path to the professional market.

Setflow Open Studio stands as a beacon of inspiration, offering a sanctuary where creativity and innovation intertwine seamlessly. It serves as a haven where creatives, both seasoned and aspiring, can converge to explore and showcase their passions and creations to the wider world.

Setflow Open Studio is the brainchild of a simple yet profound aspiration: to provide creatives with unfettered access to top-notch resources – be it studio space, cutting-edge equipment, or invaluable time – enabling them to craft compelling imagery for their portfolios and hone their skills. Through immersive training sessions and collaborative endeavors, participants are encouraged to foster meaningful connections, work synergistically as a team, and engage in a vibrant exchange of ideas aimed at continual improvement and innovation.

Value propositions

Our mission is clear: to ensure every participant departs with a newfound sense of inspiration, discovery, and invaluable connections within the dynamic world of creativity. Our event serves as a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant marketplace of creatives and directly engage with the diverse needs of potential clients.

💭 Exploring creativity in all its forms.

Setflow Open Studio invites participants to unleash their creativity across a myriad of disciplines, providing a platform free from constraints or standards. Here, individuals have the freedom to express themselves authentically and without inhibition, fostering a culture of innovation and boundary-pushing exploration.

🤝 Meaningful connections

Our event acts as a nexus for emerging talents and seasoned professionals, fostering an environment ripe for collaboration and networking. Through curated interactions and collaborative endeavors, participants have the chance to forge lasting connections that transcend mere business transactions, paving the way for future shared projects and personal growth.

👨‍💻 Interactive Learning Sessions

Hosting hands-on workshops and demonstrations led by industry experts can provide participants with practical skills and techniques to enhance their craft and expand their creative repertoire.

🫂 Inclusive atmosphere

Setflow Open Studio prides itself on its inclusive ethos, welcoming individuals of all ages and experience levels. Here, diversity is celebrated, and every voice is valued. It's a place where creativity knows no bounds, and individuals are encouraged to express themselves freely, fostering an atmosphere that is both welcoming and stimulating for all.

🔎 Amplifying Exposure and Visibility

Participating artists seize the opportunity to showcase their creations with Setflow, expanding their portfolios and garnering attention from a diverse array of creatives. By sharing their work and engaging with fellow participants, artists increase their visibility within the industry, opening doors to new collaborations and professional opportunities.


Where You Want, When You Want

With Setflow Open Studio, the boundaries of innovation and creativity are limitless. Our platform's greatest strength lies in its adaptability and versatility. Gone are the constraints of a fixed location – we bring our wealth of talent and resources directly to you, wherever inspiration strikes. Offering bespoke solutions tailored to your creative aspirations, we ensure seamless collaboration and unparalleled convenience, no matter where you are.

Nestled within our photography studios, our Hub serves as a versatile canvas for boundless creativity. From intimate workshops to grand showcases, our space transforms effortlessly to suit the unique requirements of each event it hosts. While our editions have thus far thrived within this vibrant setting, the future holds endless possibilities for exploration and growth.

Past Edition

After its official opening in late July 2023, our inaugural edition of the event marked a pivotal moment in our journey. Designed as an experimental endeavor, we eagerly observed our creatives' response to the innovative structure and concept. The outcome? A resounding success and a truly memorable occasion!

Buoyed by the invaluable feedback and insights garnered from our inaugural participants, we wasted no time in refining our approach. In September, we proudly presented our second Open Studio, meticulously enhancing the organization of sets and overall structure. The result? An event surpassing even our loftiest expectations, setting a new standard of excellence.

Inspired by a commitment to continuous improvement, we embarked on an ambitious new chapter with our third Open Studio. Recognizing the importance of fostering educational opportunities, we seized the moment to introduce a dedicated learning component. Leveraging the launch of Moodboard AI, we curated a dynamic program spanning two enlightening days. Participants were treated to firsthand insights from the software's creator, followed by immersive hands-on sessions to explore its capabilities in generating moodboards. The outcome? A resounding triumph – our most successful edition to date, boasting record attendance and unprecedented achievement.

With each edition, we strive to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, guided by a relentless pursuit of excellence. As we reflect on our journey thus far, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences that inspire, educate, and elevate the creative community.

Our Partners

🥇 LeicaStoreMilano

LeicaStoreMilano stands as the epitome of excellence for photography aficionados, offering an extensive collection of Leica products for enthusiasts to explore and experience firsthand. Beyond its role as a retail destination, the store serves as a hub for a multitude of enriching events, workshops, and masterclasses, attracting distinguished figures from the contemporary photographic sphere. From the outset, LeicaStoreMilano demonstrated unwavering support by generously providing three of their esteemed cameras to grace each set. This gesture afforded our creative members the rare opportunity to wield cameras of unparalleled quality, elevating their artistic endeavors to new heights.

🥇 Profoto

Dedicated to advancing the art of light shaping, Profoto transcends its status as the premier brand for light shaping products to embody a mission of enhancing the quality of every captured moment. With billions of images captured daily, Profoto remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering photographers with the finest lighting solutions to achieve unparalleled results. Recognizing the transformative power of light, Profoto swiftly supplied an array of lights, flashes, triggers, and accompanying accessories. These indispensable tools served to create bespoke sets bathed in optimal illumination, ensuring our creatives were poised to capture their vision with unrivaled precision and artistry.

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